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Vision Therapy Testimonials

A collection of our patient's Vision Therapy journeys 

Brain Injury

"I cannot express my gratitude towards Dr. Maureen and her team enough. For years, I have struggled with the dizziness and various issues. It was exhausting and beyond frustrating. It limited the activities I could participate in. I had done some eye exercises in the past, but never a full vision therapy program with an optometrist. I could tell the difference immediately. I found the activities challenging but fun and I looked forward to each new activity and loved seeing my progress when I made sure I completed the homework each week. The results were proof that the therapy helped when I was able to complete each test with ease, when at the beginning of the process after each test t felt awful afterwards. I am so thankful for this piece being helped in my post concussion syndrome, puzzle journey."

Visual Dysfunction & Stabismus

"Vision therapy has been the best money spent. My daughters eye turn is completely gone, and she knows how to control her eyes. She used to be clumsy. She would fall off of her chair or bump into the wall randomly. Since completing vision therapy, her coordination has improved significantly. Her focus also improved, she has shown interest in reading books, which is new for her. We have definitely got everything we expected from vision, therapy and more."
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