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Can a Child with 20/20 vision still have Visual Issues?

Most folks are familiar with the concept of having good visual acuity when the optometrist states an acuity test result of 20/20.

According to a study done at the University of Waterloo," children with reading challenges may have lower than expected binocular vision test results, something a standard eye exam may overlook."

We at Vine Eye Care offer comprehensive eye exams for kids. A complete eye exam for kids should also test for binocular vision. Binocular vision should be stable and balanced for adequate reading and studying both at far and near.

A Binocular Vision Anomaly could present with problems in either of these three systems.

1. Vergence: The ability to turn the eye in or out. This is very essential for reading.

2. Oculomotor: The ability to follow or skip a line while reading.

3. Accomodation: The ability to focus on an object or text while reading.

Some signs your child might have problems in this area include, headache, eye strain, fatigue or double vision while reading.

Visit us for a comprehensive binocular exam for your kids today.

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