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Vision Therapy

Our journey began with one goal in mind, to help kids and adults develop better visual skills. We knew we could only grow if we give so much time and energy to getting better. A wise teacher once said when you stop growing and feeding you are literally dying, With this in mind, we kept pushing and learning. Despite Covid we kept pushing on, doing lots of virtual learning, and finally just concluding our Virtual Vision therapy accreditation exam.

Happy that Vine Eye care is now a part of Vision Therapy Canada and we now have a licensed therapist. Congratulations to Andrea and I we are now licensed PVT here in Canada.

Excited because there is still a lot to learn as I delve into Syntonics light therapy and complete my Neuro- optometric rehabilitation fellowship.

Overall just excited we have come so far and it is just the beginning, grateful to God for being our strength and helping us through every step of this journey,

Watch out world this is the beginning of great things to come.

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.

-Albert Einstein

Don't go where the path may lead - rather go where there is no path and leave a trail

-Dr Joan Hansen O.D

"Imagination"your only limitation, as far as your eyes can see or imagine you can be whatever you want to be.-Dr Maureen Oyaide-Ofenor O.D M.Sc PVT

Don't stop believing, keep dreaming, keep pushing, keep learning, keep getting better, the world is evolving around you and there is so much you can do to get better and be better.


Dr Maureen Oyaide-Ofenor OD MSc PVT


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