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My 3 V's of Vision therapy

In May 2020, I made a presentation on the above topic and decided to share. This summarizes what vision therapy is mainly about. Vision therapy is very helpful for concussion management, learning disability, poor 3d vision(depth perception) and many other visual conditions.

Vision therapy goals

For vision therapy to be successful, the Therapist, Optometrist and the patient must identify the main goals for therapy. A therapy plan is then designed in line with the patients goals.

Goals are accomplishments you strive for.

A vision is the bigger picture. It out lines what you want to achieve from Vision therapy.

Your vision helps define your goals by giving you a framework to evaluate those goals.

Your vision becomes your why.

Your vision should aim to answer questions like: What do I want out of this

What am I hoping to be better at?

What are my hobbies and strengths. What do I find difficult at the moment?

Is there something I would like to change?

When these questions are answered, goals for Vision therapy should be easy to create.


Merriam Webster Dictionary Definition of visualization

1: formation of mental visual images

2: the act or process of interpreting in visual terms or of putting into visible form

I call it seeing with your mind’s eye. It requires lots of training and helps with relaxation during therapy. I like to say find that happy place. Knowing the patient’s hobbies, likes and dislikes helps with identifying that happy place.It requires good listening by the therapist and Optometrist. It is very helpful for breathing exercises before each therapy session.


To speak out

How patients rate their performance

Necessary for loading cognitive activity in therapy

How we get patients involved in the therapy activity

How patients explain how they feel during therapy e.g. mTBI patients

Requires great listening skills from the Optometrist and Therapist

I would like to end with this lovely quote I have made up. It basically describes what I teach and practise.

As a mum I encourage kids to visualize and dream big. They can do it all, there is no stopping you. Yes you can.

“Imagination” your only limitation,

as far as your eyes can see or imagine

You can be whatever you want to be.

Dr Maureen Oyaide-Ofenor


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