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Smart phone blindness

Often times, I find myself shutting my right eye while browsing on my smart phone in the late wee hours at night.

I had no idea I was doing this until I saw a patient who complained of smart phone blindness.

Major complaints was "anytime she spent long hours on her phone she would suddenly black out in her right eye."

According to Dr Dean Wingerchuk, a Mayo Clinic neurologist

Smartphone habits may force doctors to ask patients a few more questions when diagnosing vision or neurological problems.

“I think if a person experiences a temporary loss of vision in one eye, that’s potentially a very important problem for which they should seek medical attention,”. “But it doesn’t always mean there’s an abnormality.”

His recent article in Neurology raises the possibility that handheld gadgets may be to blame. Because of that, he says physicians may need to include smartphone use in their patient history reviews.

Good news is this is temporary and everything adjusts back to normal when you suddenly remember to open your shut eye.

For more information and if you have symptoms of this please visit your local optometrist

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