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An App for monitoring Macular degeneration

As a Millennial Optometrist, I have to admit I am proud of the major milestones achieved in Optometry. An example of this is the Mobile Acuity and Visual Assessment app(MAVA) I came across.

Now Macular degeneration is major cause of vision impairment in North America. The MAVA can be used to monitor vision in between annual eye appointments and so any changes can be caught as soon as they happen.

If any "abnormal" findings are found on one or more of the MAVA screening tests, please consult your optometrist immediately.

Here are a few questions, According to the Canadian National Institute of blindness, you should ask your local optometrist if you are diagnosed with Macular degeneration.

  • Do I have dry or wet AMD​?

  • What are the risks and side effects?

  • Are there any indications of early AMD in the other eye? (If you only have AMD in one eye)

  • What is the typical progression for someone with this disease?

  • Do you know how my vision will be affected in the near and distant future? Do you know if my vision will get worse?

  • Are there any signs or symptoms that I should watch for and notify you about?

  • How often should I get my eyes examined?

  • How do I make an appointment if I notice a significant change in my vision? What do I do if I can’t reach your office?

  • What can I do to protect or prolong my vision?

  • Can I make any lifestyle changes to try to prevent further vision loss?

  • Would a vitamin/mineral program be helpful for me? Who can recommend such a program?

  • Can my AMD be treated? What are your recommendations? Are there any other options?

  • What are the benefits and risks associated with treatment? What is the success rate?

  • How will my vision be affected after treatment?

​​Is the recommended treatment approved by Health Canada?​

  • What are the proven and unproven benefits of treatment for AMD?

  • How soon should I have the treatment? Who will perform the treatment? Where will it take place?

  • Will my provincial health plan or my insurance cover the treatments?

  • Regardless of cost or coverage by my insurance, what are some alternative treatments?

  • What will happen if I don’t pursue treatment and/or make lifestyle changes? What will happen if I do?

  • Do you have any written information or resources so I can learn more about AMD?


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