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The secret is out "Eye drops" to increase lash growth

My Lashes are longer than yours

Accidental discoveries are the hallmark of most science projects. An example is in the case of a glaucoma drug called Bimatoprost.

This eye drop is used to reduce the intraocular pressure in eyes of patients with glaucoma. A major side effect is increased lash growth and darkening of the Iris.

Well fast forward to the future and now we have a drug called Latisse© which is a form of bimatoprost. The concern no doubt lies from the fact that it’s active ingredient, bimatoprost, is also used in the treatment of glaucoma. However, when applied as directed, Latisse© treatments only deliver five percent of the bimatoprost volume used in applications to treat glaucoma. In other products with the same active ingredient, iris pigmentation was only reported in 1.5 percent of patients.

To know if Latisse© can be used in conjunction with other Eye Care Products, Consult with your local optometrist to find out how to safely use Latisse© with contacts or after laser surgery.

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