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How to sanitize your eyewear. Destroy Covid-19, not your frames!

Do you know our lens cleaner here at Vine Eye Care is more than just that?

Remember the complimentary lens spray bottles with your glasses?

Well, I have great news for you.

please read below on how our BI-OH lens cleaner can help destroy the virus.

COVID-19 IS AN EASY VIRUS TO DESTROY FACT: The Covid-19 has a lipid (grease) membrane.  This means that cleaning products containing surfactants will be effective in destroying the greasy membrane and capabilities of the virus, hence the recommendation of the Vision Council to wash eyewear with soap and water. However this will require rinsing.

BI-OH! IS THE WORST ENEMY OF GREASE Developed and manufactured in Canada by microbiologists, Bi-Oh! Optical Cleaner is a unique enzymatic formula specifically designed for lenses and frames. It totally dissolves grease through hydrolysis even in hard to reach places and of course no rinse is necessary. Thoroughly cleaning eyewear with Bi-Oh! will destroy the Covid-19 greasy membrane of the virus thus completely annihilating its capabilities.

BI-OH!, TOTALLY SAFE FOR YOUR HEALTH AND MATERIALS Bi-Oh! is hypoallergenic and pH neutral. It contains no harsh chemicals. Its enzymatic power is a killer for the Covid-19 virus but yet totally safe for your health and the materials that compose your eyewear. In order not to damage eyewear AVOID cleaning with:

  • Acid based chemicals

  • Solutions and wipes with high alcohol content

Together we will get through this. This article was written by our Ronor Supplier, Supplier of our BI-OH lens spray cleaner here at Vine Eye Care.


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