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Would you be my "EYES"?

Okay you all know I love apps for visual development. Well I came across this wonderful app that delivers free services to visually impaired individuals.

All you have to do is download the app on your smart phone and you could volunteer your eyes to someone in need .

So looking for a way to provide voluntary services to someone out there, why not consider Be my EYES.

Be my Eyes, a free mobile app made to help the visually impaired establishes a live video connection between the visually impaired users and sighted users.

The app can be used to assist with the following examples and much more

  • Finding lost items

  • Describing pictures, paintings or other artwork

  • Matching or explaining colors

  • Reading labels on household products

  • Reading on computer screens if websites are inaccessible or screen readers are not available

  • Shopping in supermarkets

  • Identifying the expiration date on perishable food packages

  • Familiarizing yourself with new locations

  • Distinguishing between products (Canned foods, shampoos and soaps, spices etc.)

  • Determining if lights are turned on or off

  • Finding out when public transportation (busses, trains, etc.) are departing or arriving

  • Resolving electrical or technical issues

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